Custom Transports

The MLAPI supports custom transports. It uses UNET by default. You can also write custom transports. A transport is the library that is responsible for sending the raw bytes and handle connections.

Usually, transports doesn’t support support all channel types and event types. Sometimes they have more, in that case you manually have to do translation between them. See the ENET transport for examples.

Official Transports

The MLAPI has some official transport implementations you can use. They can be found here. All you have to do is download the ZIP file you want from the CI server and export it into your assets folder and it will show up in the NetworkingManager automatically.

Writing Your Own

To get started writing transport interfaces, the current implementations for Unet, ENET and Ruffles are great starting points for learning their flow. If you do write a transport for a well known transport, feel free to open a PR to add it to the official transports repo.