What is the MLAPI?

The MLAPI is a high level networking library built for the Unity game engine to abstract networking. This allows developers to focus on the game rather than low level protocols and networking frameworks. All this is provided for free under the permissive MIT Licence by Unity and the MLAPI collaborators. The MLAPI is open source with no attached costs or limitations.

Why the MLAPI?

The MLAPI is one of the oldest and most actively developed game networking library out there. As a direct result of this, it offers many more features than other libraries. A comparison between MLAPI and the deprecated UNET library can be seen on the features page. But in short, the MLAPI's focus is to make networking simple to let you focus on what matters for your game.

Getting Started

Want to get started with the MLAPI? The community wiki is a great place to start!

Open Source

The MLAPI is completeley free and open source, this means that it comes with no hidden CCU's or other limitations. Just a great networking library for you to use.

General Purpose

The MLAPI is a general purpose networking library designed to work with any game. High-performance, large scale games as well as small co-op games. Dedicated server applications or player hosted? The MLAPI does it all.